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The Bazooka JMAX Tour Iron-Wood gives you the performance of today's hybrids without the distraction of an oversized head. This utility iron features a thin top-line, minimal-offset hosel, and a clean, classic look that delivers a higher level of performance than traditional long irons or high-lofted fairway woods.
Here's the skinny: Hit it higher; hit it longer. Hit it straighter without sacrificing traditional looks. Bridging the gap between distance and control, the JMAX Tour Iron-Wood will make your long iron play more consistent than ever. The Tour's design incorporates a super heavy sole that delivers a higher trajectory, greater carry, and less spin for maximum distance.
The club head's slim shape and non-offset, neutral bias delivers remarkable workability and control.  

Club Loft Graphite Length Graphite Shaft
#3 22 39.25" Reactive Flex Graphite