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On any putt, on any green, a putter's impact on the golf ball often results in skidding, sliding, back spinning, and even hopping before the ball can begin rolling on the green. Even when struck on the right line, these effects are the principal causes of missed putts.
Therefore, the key to more accurate putting is to achieve forward rolling motion immediately upon striking the ball. The Yes! Golf C-Groove putter does just that, far better than any other putter in the game.
Upon impact with the golf ball, the Concentric edges on the C-Groove putter face grip the surface of the ball and apply physical forces which simultaneously lift the ball out of its resting position and impart an over-the-top rolling action.
Made of 17-4 Stainless Steel
Slightly toe-down putter
355 gram head weight; 2.5 degrees; lie 72 degrees std.
Straight steel shaft; offset hosel
Titanium carbon finish
Custom fitted head cover