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For years, the Idea hybrids have led the industry with cutting-edge designs and innovation. The newest generation continues this legacy with the addition of the breakthrough Velocity Slot Technology that makes the Idea a12 OS superior in forgiveness and distance.
Long irons are facing extinction because of how easy the Idea hybrids are to hit. The shaping of the Idea a12 OS inspires confidence at the address position. The perimeter weighting provides unmatched forgiveness. And the ultra-thin face delivers increased ball speeds. Together, the engineering behind the Idea a12 OS make them our easiest-to-hit hybrids that will help your game
Club Loft Length Shaft
3 hybrid 19 40.5" Grafalloy ProLaunch Blue
4 hybrid 22 39.75" Grafalloy ProLaunch Blue
6 hybrid 28 38.25" Grafalloy ProLaunch Blue