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The Speedline Fast 12 LS (Low Spin) driver combines industry leading aerodynamic technology with adjustability. This is Adams Golf's lowest spinning aerodynamic driver ever, and is the only driver in the industry with length adjustability. Better players can optimize this driver by adjusting loft/face attitude, lie angle and length quickly and easily. It can be dialed in to deliver the player's preferred distance, ball flight and performance.
The Fast 12 LS provides extensive adjustability in a very discreet hosel design. Golfers can adjust loft and face angle, lie, and length. The loft can be adjusted up to +/- 1 degree. The lie can be adjusted upright to +2 degrees. The standard length of the Fast 12 LS is 45", but can be adjusted to 45.5". There is also a removable weight in the back of the club head to allow the golfer to change to a lighter weight when the club is lengthened in order to maintain the same swing weight. Adding a half inch in length provides increased ball speed, increased launch angle, and additional carry distance.
Club Loft Head Volume Length Shaft Grip
Driver 9.5 460CC 45" Fubuki Lamkin Elite Tour Symmetrical