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It's Back, And It's Twice As Hot As The Original!
Today's fairway woods have become hard for most people, including many tour players, to hit from anywhere other than off of a tee due to their deep faces and higher center of gravity. These "mini-drivers" are also extremely hard to hit well out of the rough or sand due to their larger size.
The NEW Tight Lies will revolutionize the golf game just as the original did. The playability from every type of lie, and the ease of getting the ball in the air makes Tight Lies the perfect club to hit those long par-4's and par-5's. For the first time in a long time, you will love hitting a fairway wood again.
Adams Mens Tight Lies Fairways feature:
•Cut-through velocity slot technology creates a hotter face – twice as hot as the original
•Low-profile upside down design produces larger impact area below the ball for better contact
•Provides easier launch out of a multitude of lies
•Original tri-level sole design reduces amount of turf interaction to increase performance from the fairway, rough or tight lies
Club Loft Length Graphite Shaft Grip
4 Wood 16° 42.5" MRC Bassara Eagle 55-60g Full Choice Adams Standard
5 Wood 19° 42" MRC Bassara Eagle 55-60g Full Choice Adams Standard