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Individualize Performance For Maximum Distance!
Everything Callaway has learned about adjustable drivers (and that’s a lot) has led to this beauty before you, the Big Bertha Alpha. It’s a total performance package of maximum distance, and they’re not afraid to say this - it’s the most advanced driver they’ve ever made. For the first time ever you can adjust vertical center of gravity with the Gravity Core – which is nice. Then enhance your ball flight with Moveable Weights, dial in the trajectory with the Advanced Adjustable Hosel, and here’s the best part… you’re gonna hit it really, really, really long.
Callaway Mens Big Bertha Alpha Drivers feature:
•Gravity Core lets you adjust unwanted spin independently of launch angle, so you get optimized ball flights and longer distance
•Whatever you want, anything from an extreme low spin driver to a more total performance, mid-low spin driver, you can have it
•Dial in your preferred directional bias with the adjustable weights, enhancing a Draw or Neutral shot shape for more accuracy
•Revolutionary new Hyper Speed Face design is larger, and more robust than ever to increase ball speeds across the face
•Increase or decrease your loft (up to +2° or down -1°) and adjust Draw or Neutral bias with Adjustable Hosel Technology
•High strength, lightweight forged composite crown improbably weighs only 8 grams - deeper center of gravity for more forgiveness
•Fubuki Zeta Pro graphite shaft
Club Loft Adjustment Face Angle Head Volume Length Shaft
9° Driver 8°, 9°, 10°, 11° Open 460cc 45.5" Mitsubishi Fubuki Zeta Graphite
10.5° Driver 9.5°, 10.5°, 11.5°, 12.5 Open 460cc 45.5" Mitsubishi Fubuki Zeta Graphite