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You'll start leaving your driver in the bag with the Callaway Men's FT Optiforce Fairway. Specially designed with Speed Optimized Technology and a precise center of gravity for enhanced accuracy and distance. The aerodynamic clubhead design, combined with a lightweight shaft, deliver superior ball speed and greater distances from the tee box or fairway. Foraged Speed Frame Face Cup creates more consistent, and longer, shots adding confidence to your golf game.
Speed Optimized Technology
•A combination of an advanced aerodynamic clubhead design, and a lightweight shaft, help deliver maximum clubhead speed for superior ball speed and greater distance
•Lightweight shaft options help enhance the player's ability to generate faster clubhead speeds
Forged Speed Frame Face Cup
•Increases ball speeds across face for longer, more consistent distance
•Crafted from 455 Carpenter Steel that's stronger than traditional stainless steel and capable of generating faster ball speeds
•Progressive roll radius produces flatter roll as you go up in loft to help you hit higher shots that also land softer
•Increased launch angle allows for improved distance when the impact is low on the clubface
Dynamic Standing Wave
•Optimized CG location for high launch angles
•Designed to optimize spin rates for efficient ball flight and maximum carry
Club Loft Head Volume Length Shaft
3 Wood 15° 180cc 43'' Mitsubishi Diamana S+   or   Project X Velocity 53
5 Wood 19° 155cc 42.25'' Mitsubishi Diamana S+   or   Project X Velocity 53