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Callaway Forged Slate Wedges feature: Slate finish oxidizes over time for a distinctive look
39% larger grooves provide more spin and control from all lies and distances
Increased surface roughness and laser milled micro-grooves provide more clubface-to-golf ball friction for higher spin out of all lies and from all distances
52, 56, 60: S-Grind - fitting for the golfer who does not want to add loft for a shot and instead play it with a square face
60 Only: C-Grind - enables golfers to lay the face open while effectively reducing the bounce angle, allowing for proper contact and maximum spin and control
60 Only: U-Grind - increases the dynamic bounce angle (actual bounce of the club when the ball is struck) without increasing the static bounce angle
Forged from 1020 carbon steel
Club Finish Loft Bounce Length Shaft
AW Slate 52 12 Standard Grind 35.375" Dynamic Gold Steel Shaft
SW Slate 56 14 Standard Grind 35.25" Dynamic Gold Steel Shaft
LW Slate 60 C-Grind(14), S-Grind(10)   U-Grind(10) 35.125" Dynamic Gold Steel Shaft