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RAZR Fit Xtreme has our lightest Forged Composite driver crown ever, and helps us achieve the lowest CG of any fully adjustable driver in golf for greater distance. The Forged Composite material in the crown is lighter and stronger than titanium, allowing us to improve forgiveness by precisely controlling thickness.
This Speed Frame Face creates incredibly fast ball speeds all across the face for longer, more consistent distance. This technology helps optimize the CG, offers more forgiveness, and is designed to provide more consistent sidespin for accurate drives.
Callaway Mens RAZR Fit Xtreme Drivers feature:
•OptiFit® hosel adjusts the face angle to open, square or closed positions at address to improve accuracy and trajectory
•OptiFit® weights (13 grams and 1 gram) shift the clubhead's center of gravity to promote either Draw or Neutral ball flights
•Callaway's lightest forged composite driver crown ever helps engineers achieve the lowest center of gravity in any fully adjustable driver
ADJUSTING THE CENTER OF GRAVITY The OptiFit weights can be used to adjust the center of gravity and affect the curvature of the ball flight. If you would like more draw/less fade, simply screw the 13g weight into the heel and the 1g weight into the toe. If you prefer a more neutral ball flight, simply screw the 1g weight into the heel and the 13g weight into the toe. Make sure you tighten the screws until you hear a click.
ADJUSTING FACE ANGLE The OptiFit hosel can be used first and foremost to help you achieve your preferred look at address and give you more confidence over the ball. Your club is preset with the club face in the square (S) position. If this is the look you prefer at address, no adjustment is necessary at this time. If you prefer the club face to look more open, simply loosen the screw at the bottom of the club head (going into the shaft) with the accompanying wrench and rotate the Cog on the hosel to the open (O) position. If you prefer the club face to look more closed, rotate the Cog on the hosel to the closed (C) position. Make sure the white tick marks are aligned and then tighten the screw until you hear a click.
The OptiFit hosel can also be used to influence the starting direction of your drives and fine tune your trajectory. If you’d like to launch the ball slightly higher and/or start the ball more to the left, then close the face angle. If you’d like to launch the ball slightly lower and/or start it more to the right, then open the face angle.
Club Loft Head Volume Weight Configuration Face Angle Length Shaft
Driver 10.5° 440cc Adjustable Adjustable 45.5" Tour Grade Aldila Trinity Graphite