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TOUR PROVEN Forged RAZR X Muscleback Irons by Callaways legendary club maker Roger Cleveland designed specifically to meet the demands of the best players in the world. Through Tour-inspired styling and soft carbon steel construction, these irons provide precision shot-making with incredible feedback and workability. The Flighted CG design and RAZR X Muscleback generate consistent, Tour-level trajectories with unparalleled playability in a blade.
Forged 1020 Carbon Steel Construction
Provides unmatched feel and performance, giving elite-level golfers incredibly soft, responsive feedback at impact Tour CC Grooves
Generate increased spin for aggressive shot-making
Found only on Callaway's forged products, there are up to 30% more tightly spaced grooves for better control
Tour-Inspired Styling
White Chrome finish delivers the aesthetics Tour players prefer
Very thin topline, narrow sole and shorter blade length maximize workability
Flighted CG Design
Produces the optimal trajectories, ball flight, and distance control Tour players demand
Seamless performance progression through the entire set
RAZR Muscle Back Design
Provides consistent trajectories and maximum playability in a forged blade
Club Loft Length Shaft
2 iron 18 39.5" Project X Steel
3 iron 20 39" Project X Steel
4 iron 23 38.5" Project X Steel
5 iron 26 38" Project X Steel
6 iron 30 37.5" Project X Steel
7 iron 34 37" Project X Steel
8 iron 38 36.5" Project X Steel
9 iron 42 36" Project X Steel
PW 46 35.5" Project X Steel