CALLAWAY XJ SERIES GOLF SET for Girls 9-12 Years old

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The lengths, weights and lofts were designed specifically for junior golfers, and to help make Xj Series the perfect clubs to learn and enjoy the game. The increased hosel offset helps square the face at impact for improved distance and accuracy.
Every club in the set was configured to be energy efficient, allowing junior golfers to swing away with confidence and generate more power from everywhere on the course. The center of gravity and perimeter weighting were strategically placed to help get the ball up in the air quickly and easily.
The all-in-one set is designed to give juniors everything they need to go from the shop straight to the course. The clubs are designed for improved distance control and high ball flights out of a variety of lies so juniors feel confident that they have the right club for the next shot.
Club Loft Length Shaft
Driver 16 40" Graphite
Fairway Wood 24 36" Graphite
5 iron 32 34.5" Graphite
7 iron 38 33.5" Graphite
9 iron 46 32.5" Graphite
SW 56 32" Graphite
Odyssey White Hot 2-Ball Jr. Mallet Putter 4 30" Steel