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Cleveland® Golf’s revolutionary short iron hybrid incorporates classic concepts with modern design. The new Niblick™ combines the best features of a wedge, putter, iron and hybrid to create the ultimate hybrid club. Specifically designed to improve scoring, the Niblick™ enables players to hit four different types of shots, including chips, pitches, approach shots and recoveries.

The putter setup and forgiving wedge sole reduce negative outcomes - allowing you to think “make”.

Perfect combination of club length, loft, lie and ZIP Grooves for consistent trajectory and spin.

Larger and more stable head improves approach shot consistency and accuracy. Engineered with a head weight, club length and loft for calibrated full-shot distance control with the shot stopping power of ZIP Grooves.
Perfect loft and lie angle for punching out of trouble. The bounce on the wedge sole is perfect for reducing digging on non-grass lies (desert, dirt, pine needles, mud, etc.).

Club Loft Length Shaft
SW 56° 35.125" Cleveland Golf Action Lite Uniflex Steel