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Just like our E9 Face Technology™ before it, our new 2013 AMP CELL™ Technology is a great match for our signature offset line. Don’t worry - E9 didn’t go anywhere. It’s just more awesome (dare we say more AMPle) with AMP CELL Tech providing a 12% larger effective face. Has anyone ever told you that you spin the ball too much? The AMP CELL Offset helps bring that spin down and strategically placed discretionary weight delivers faster ball speeds on mis-hits. Dual Roll provides increased distance for shots hit above and below the face center line, meaning the entire face is spoken for in your favor. Now you will be further down that fairway than ever before. Sounds like unconditional love to us.
Offset Face Design
Reduces the effects of a slice by squaring the head more quickly through impact
AMP CELL and E9 Technology
Frees up additional discretionary weight for a 12% larger effective face delivering faster ball speeds on mis-hits.
Dual Roll
This revolutionary design has different curvature on the top vs. the bottom of the face. Each loft is designed with a specific upper roll vs. lower roll, resulting in longer drives for shots hit above and below face center
Club Loft Head Volume Shaft Grip
Offset Driver 13.5° 460CC Cobra AMP Cell OS Cobra Winn Wrap - Capri