FACE FORWARD F2  "SS"  WEDGES   (super spin)  

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F2 stands for Face Forward technology.
As you can see with this ingenious design, the face has been moved forward and the hosel back, enabling the ball to strike and leave the clubface before grass or sand can grab the hosel and twist the clubface. The F2 Wedge may look unconventional, but as soon as you hit it, you’ll know why it is the biggest jump in short game technology since the invention of the sand wedge!
From 100 yards in, you will hit the ball to within 10 feet of the pin twice as often If you want to lower your score, you don’t have to read any of those confusing magazine articles, take expensive lessons or spend countless hours practicing. Just put the F2 in your bag and start hitting it closer and scoring lower than you ever thought possible!
Club Usage Loft Bounce Length
AW fairways, rough or sand 52° 35.5