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The Satin 73 with conforming grooves optimizes ball and face friction with the maximum ball spin allowed.
You can stop it on the green "like a butterfly with sore feet and/or spin it back or Flop it like a Pro !"
Golf Illustrated equipment editors quickly saw "The 73" as a very innovative addition to the short game and awarded it their prestigious "Annual Baggy Award", for the product most likely to improve your game.
The 73 takes your short game to a whole new level," said Miller. "This club is controlled from a 3 foot flop shot to 50 yards simply by ball placement. One of the hardest shots in golf is a shot out of the rough or bunker while being short sided near a tight pin. Not anymore ! With the 73 you use your full swing which is your most repeatable swing, and no more half or quarter swings, and the distance is controlled simply by ball placement. Most recreational players lacked the confidence to commit to a trouble shot before they got the 73. As one customer said, "Its now my go-to club!"
Many also say the 73 gives them "Tour Player" like confidence in and around the green. Bunker play is now enjoyable!
Club Loft Bounce Length Shaft
LW 73 7 36'' True Temper Steel