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We're absolutely certain that the Grip Coach is the only grip trainer you need. It's great for the novice, the beginning golf player, the amateur, or even for golf veterans who want to perfect their swing to maximize their yardage. If you want to learn how to hit the ball straight, you need to start using the Grip Coach to help you learn.
Why have a set of "practice clubs", or a single practice club with a permanently attached teaching grip, when you can transfer the Grip Coach from club to club
The Grip Coach is made of a rubber polymer, making it resistant to weather and constant use, unlike other products that are made of hard plastics that snap together, which can become brittle over time and break apart. Switching it from one club to another is as easy as slipping it off and slipping it back on! Best of all, one size fits all, even oversize grips -
The Grip Coach is textured on the inside and out, preventing the Grip Coach from slipping off the club and your hands. Plastic clip-on can fall apart or even break in your hands. The Grip Coach is rugged and ready to go anywhere, and is virtually unbreakable. It fits right in your golf bag, so you can take it anywhere.
Anyone can benefit from the Grip Coach. It's great for teaching golf, where learning a proper grip can impede progress. It's great for veteran players to brush up on their swing, and for anyone to impress their friends. Even seasoned PGA pros love the Grip Coach!