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The Signature Series 8 Piece Set includes:
4 and 5 'soft square' Hybrid irons, 6, 7, 8 and 9 Ti face conventional irons, and stainless steel Pitching Wedge and Sand Wedge.
All the benefits of a hybrid, plus the advances of the Signature Series "soft square design" delivering maximum club head stability.
Two 6 gram fixed weights lower the center of gravity resulting in higher ball flight
Headcovers Included for the hybrid irons
Conventional Irons
A deep, wide channel cavity moves weight down on the club and away from the club face promoting maximum forgiveness
An exceptionally wide sole platform lowers the center of gravity further promoting a higher ball trajectory and greater carry
A light weight titanium face insert that facilitates shift in weight to the sole creating a lower center of gravity. Pitching and sand wedge are soft stainless steel for maximum feel.
UltraLite Shafts
weigh only 55 grams, which allows for more weight to be shifted to the club head producing more solid ball contact and greater energy transfer at impact, thus increasing distance and producing a higher trajectory.