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HYBRIDS (#3, #4, #5)
Slingback Design:
Slingback bar positions the weight further back increasing the MOI for a very stable hybrid.
Low and Deep profile:
Weight is strategically positioned low and back in the hybrids making it easier to get the ball airborne.
Keel Sole:
Keel sole design in the hybrids increases the playability from the fairway and rough.
Increased Offset:
Generous offset increased the opportunity to square the hybrid at contact for straighter golf shots.

Slingback Design:
Positioned strategically in each club to achieve the desired ball flight
Variable Sole Width:
Narrows progressively throughout the set (mid irons are wider for higher launch; short irons are thinner to provide greater control)
Progressive Offset:
Greater offset in the mid irons help square the clubface for straighter shots. Minimal offset in the short irons increase shot making control.
Club Head Profile:
Elongated profile in the mid irons increased MOI for stability on off center hits.
Club Loft Steel Length Steel Shaft
SW 55 35.75'' Speed Step SL