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Golf writers and broadcasters have run out of words to describe Phil Mickelson's brilliance around the greens, but the question remains how does he do it? Now, in his first-and what will be his only-short-game instructional program. Phil's short-game instruction includes how to hit Phil's famous Flop Shot, his famous backward, over-the-head shot, and all of the other finesse shots around the green that will help you dramatically improve your up-and-down percentage. Phil's approach to "short-game" play-which he defines as shots played from 50 yards in, especially putting and chipping-departs noticeably from conventional golf instruction. Phil's way is personal and original, yet he believes it can revolutionize how people teach and play the short game. Because Phil's program specifically debunks numerous commonly held beliefs, "Secrets of the Short Game" is sure to be newsworthy-and perhaps even controversial. "Secrets of the Short Game" is the first instructional program from a great player in more than 20 years
Includes 2 DVD's and pamphlet
DVD #1: Phil's Introduction, Putting Section, Chipping Section
DVD #2: Flop Shot Section, Bunker Play Section, Specialty Shot Section, Using the LazrAimer, Phil' Closing Comments
Phil's Most Memorable, Short Game Moments, Behind the Scenes