TAYLORMADE ''ATV'' WEDGE   (all terrain versatility)  

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Wedges have traditionally been designed to specialize in only a couple types of shots, forcing a compromise in others. The new (All-Terrain Versatility) ATV Wedge has a radically advanced sole design to handle a multitude of shots and ideally interact with turf, rough and sand.
All-Terrain Versatility (ATV) is designed for six critical scoring shots: tight lies, rough, bunkers, flops, pitches and chips.
Engineered to offer the proper bounce for the specific type of shot being played.
New groove design with micro-texture that generates high spin within USGA rules.
Lamkin wedge grip extends farther for improved traction when choking down.
KBS Tour steel shaft delivers greater feel, control and accuracy.
Club Loft Sole Length Shaft Grip
AW 52 All Terrain 35.5" KBS Tour Steel Shaft Lamkin Wedge Grip
SW 56 All Terrain 35.25" KBS Tour Steel Shaft Lamkin Wedge Grip
LW 60 All Terrain 35" KBS Tour Steel Shaft Lamkin Wedge Grip