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Our Spider line of putters is renowned among tour pros and amateurs for remarkable forgiveness and stability. The newest model, Daddy Long Legs, is the most stable of them all, with an MOI exceeding 8500. (Ghost Spider was the previous high at 6800.)
To crank the MOI that high, we built the Daddy Long legs head out of 16 pieces made of 8 materials – stainless steel, carbon steel, aluminum, titanium, tungsten, polycarbonate, Surlyn and TPU. The result is an exceptionally twist-resistant putter head that helps you roll the ball your desired distance on your desired line, even on mis-hits.
Yet Daddy Long Legs high-MOI head is only half the story. The other half is the 130-gram grip (twice the weight of a typical grip) that acts as a counterbalance to the clubhead. Counterbalancing increases the MOI of the entire club, making Daddy Long Legs 60% more stable than a traditional putter.
Daddy Long Legs is available in two lengths, 38'' and 35”. The idea is to grip the club as you would a normal-length putter, with two or three inches of the butt-end of the grip extended above your hands, which gives you the maximum benefit of counterbalancing. Thus, if you normally play a 35” putter you should opt for the 38”; if you play a 33” putter should use the 35”.
Counterbalance - Counted on to Make More Putts
•Highest MOI head--over 8500--of any TaylorMade putter ever for tremendous twist-resistance and distance-control on off-center hits.
•130-gram grip counterbalances head-weight to help you swing the head smoothly and on path.
•Counter-balanced Daddy Long Legs is 60% more stable based on overall club MOI values than a traditional putter.
•Pure Roll Surlyn® insert promotes soft-yet-solid feel and smooth roll straight of the face.
•White leading edge and single, simple black alignment line make aiming easy.
Club Length Type Toe Hang Offset Shaft Grip
Daddy Long Legs Putter
  (pureroll surlyn insert)
35" Mallet Face Balanced 1/2 Shaft Single Bend Winn Daddy Long Leg Grip
14.75" Length, 130gr Weight
Daddy Long Legs Putter
  (pureroll surlyn insert)
38" Mallet Face Balanced 1/2 Shaft Single Bend Winn Daddy Long Leg Grip
14.75" Length, 130gr Weight