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Great putting requires complete confidence in your instrument. You have to love how it looks, feels and sounds. That was our goal when we created our new Ghost Tour Series. Each model is a work of art crafted with a level of refinement that’s readily apparent from every angle. But the beauty of the Ghost Tour Series is beauty is more than skin deep, as each also engineered to deliver smooth, accurate roll and acute distance control. Gain confidence with a putter that’s at the apex of art and science and elevate your ability to get the ball in the hole – the Ghost Tour Series.
•Seductively designed and detailed so that every line, curve, color and surface works in harmony to create a work of art.
•Provocative white topline and sexy mirror-black ion-plated sole.
•New multi-material 8020 Pure Roll insert (80% Surlyn/20% aluminum) for smooth roll and profound feel.
•Two powerful aiming aids: high-contrast topline and strong black parallel lines on top.
•Equipped with a sleek step-less shaft and new premium TaylorMade rubber grip with red end cap.
Club Type Offset Head Weight Shaft Grip
Daytona 12 Blade 3/4 Shaft 350g Chrome Step-Less Ghost Tour Steel Taylormade Rubber Grip