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Spider Si Delivers Maximum Stability and Control Via High MOI Head and Counterbalance Grip
TaylorMade’s engineers and product development team spent more than three years working with Tour pros to dial in the precise head design, weight distribution and club specifications to create a remarkably stable and elegant putting instrument. Spider Si is engineered to give you more stability, forgiveness and control to help get your putts on line and get them to the hole.
The large head is counterbalanced by a 15-inch, 125-gram grip, which increases “stroke stability,” which is your ability to swing the head on a smooth and accurate path. Counterbalancing amplifies stability by up to 60% compared a traditionally weighted putter. The putter head itself is also extremely stable, with an MOI measurement of 6,000+ to help it resist twisting on mis-hits toward the toe and heel. That protects you from losing ball speed, helping you get the ball to your target instead of running out of speed and coming up short. Spider Si also delivers outstanding feel and roll, owing to its Pure Roll Surlyn face insert that’s designed to promote smooth and consistent roll as the ball leaves the face.
Club Type Lengths Toe Hang Shaft Offset Grip
Ghost Spider Si Putter High MOI Mallet 35", 38" Face Balanced Single Bend 1/2 Shaft 15" Counterbalanced Grip