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The new Tour Preferred Wedge is a Classic Grind for the player who prefers a clean, classically designed wedge with a very traditional shape. This model is offered in lofts of 52, 54, 56, 58 and 60 degrees with tour-proven bounce options. The design is clean with slight progressive camber (more in the higher lofts) and generous heel relief. The heel relief allows for the versatility of a C-grind on open-faced shots but retains the main sole surface for better performance on full swings and shots from the bunker.
Optimized micro texture face promotes added spin for increased control in the scoring zone.
Most aggressive groove TaylorMade has ever produced for exceptional spin and control on all shots.
Traditional head shape and design looks beautiful from every angle.
New classic grind with traditional shape, heel relief and Tour-proven bounce options.
Club Loft Bounce Length Face
Aw 52 9 35.5" Micro Texture
SW 54 11 35.25" Micro Texture
SW 56 12 35.25" Micro Texture
LW 58 10 35" Micro Texture
LW 60 10 35" Micro Texture