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Big Fontana’s rounded shape is completely new for TaylorMade and sure to attract the eye of mallet fans. The system of converging lines on the crown, along with the white color that contrasts sharply with the turf, makes Big Fontana especially easy to aim – a huge benefit given that a TaylorMade study of thousands of putting strokes revealed that 65% of golfers fail to square the putter face to the target from 12 feet. Plus, the white-colored crown eliminates distracting glare and “hot spots.” At impact, TaylorMade’s renowned Pure Roll insert promotes forward spin at impact for a smooth, accurate roll, and the insert’s Surlyn® construction combines with the head’s soft zinc-aluminum head structure to promote tremendous feel.
•White crown color eliminates glare; high contrast with turf makes aiming easy.
•High contrasting alignment lines reinforce easy alignment.
•Pure Roll Surlyn® insert promotes forward spin for smooth, accurate roll and soft feel.
Club Type Offset Head Weight Shaft Grip
Big Fontana Mallet 1/2 Shaft 345g Single Bend White Smoke Winn Grip