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The Titleist® 910 fairway metals deliver total performance with improvements in flight, fit, looks, feel and sound. With its larger volume head design, the Titleist 910Fd provides enhanced distance and control from the tee compared to a traditional fairway metal. A deeper face and larger hitting area inspire the confidence needed to hit the fairway more often. And its patented, SureFit™ Tour, dual-angle hosel technology provides the ability to make precise, independent loft and lie adjustments to fine-tune ball flight for more distance and accuracy.

     Your Guide to Better Performance
Step 1: Fitting for Loft
Start by hitting shots in the D•4 (Standard) position.
To adjust TRAJECTORY move up and down in the grid:
To increase launch angle and spin, move up
To decrease launch angle and spin, move down
Step 2: Fitting for Lie Angle
Adjust setting for trajectory and hit shots using the standard lie angle.
To fine tune DIRECTION move left or right in the grid:
To straighten draw or increase fade, move left
To straighten fade or increase draw, move right

Club Loft Face Angle Length Shaft
3+ Wood 13.5° .05° Open 43" Diamana Kai'li 75 (blue)
3 Wood 15° .05° Open 43" Diamana Kai'li 75 (blue)