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The Titleist 910F with its thin crown and high performance weighting makes hitting golf shots off the turf much easier. And its patented, SureFit™ Tour, dual-angle hosel technology provides the ability to make precise, independent loft and lie adjustments to fine-tune ball flight for more distance and accuracy.
"Titleist does not include a wrench with club. If you have a Titleist 910D2 or 910D3 driver, your wrench will work with this club."

     Your Guide to Better Performance
Step 1: Fitting for Loft
Start by hitting shots in the D•4 (Standard) position.
To adjust TRAJECTORY move up and down in the grid:
To increase launch angle and spin, move up
To decrease launch angle and spin, move down
Step 2: Fitting for Lie Angle
Adjust setting for trajectory and hit shots using the standard lie angle.
To fine tune DIRECTION move left or right in the grid:
To straighten draw or increase fade, move left
To straighten fade or increase draw, move right

Club Loft Face Angle Head Volume Length Shaft
3+ Wood 13.5° .5° Open 154CC 43" Diamana Kai'li 75 (blue)
3 Wood 15° .5° Open 155CC 43" Diamana Kai'li 75 (blue)
4 Wood 17° .5° Open 142CC 42.5" Diamana Kai'li 75 (blue)
5 Wood 19° .5° Open 142CC 42" Diamana Kai'li 75 (blue)
7 Wood 21° .5° Open 142CC 41.5" Diamana Kai'li 75 (blue)