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The new Wilson Staff® FG™ Tour begins the next chapter in Wilson's storied forged iron history. With visual cues reminiscent of forged classics like the FG51™ and Gooseneck™, the new FG Tour is designed for tour professionals and better-playing amateurs; it is our first forging to feature a playable and forgiving cavity-back design.
1. Tour-Preferred Feel
Precision forged from a mild carbon steel, the Tour-proven design incorporates minimally progressive offests, a square toe blade shape and thin top line to fit the better player's eye. A Tour-configured sole design promotes better turf interaction over a wide range of lies.
2. Mass Distribution
The shallow cavity redistributes weight from the heel into the toe, positioning the center of gravity in the center of the face and increasing MOI for stability and a more solid feel.
3. Conforming Grooves
CNC-milled faced and grooves push the maximum limits of the new specifications required by the USGA and R&A. A strategically positioned higher CG delivers a higher spin rate and promotes the ability to work the ball more effectively.
Club Loft Length Steel Shaft
3 Iron 21° 39.25" True Temper- Dynamic Gold
4 Iron 24° 38.75" True Temper- Dynamic Gold
5 Iron 27° 38.25" True Temper- Dynamic Gold
6 Iron 31° 37.75" True Temper- Dynamic Gold
7 Iron 35° 37.25" True Temper- Dynamic Gold
8 Iron 39° 36.75" True Temper- Dynamic Gold
9 Iron 43° 36.25" True Temper- Dynamic Gold
PW 47° 35.75" True Temper- Dynamic Gold