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RS "Rocker Sole"
The face has a rounded sole profile that helps to create even symmetry at address to helping to identify the ideal impact area. By removing material near the tow and hosel, FYbrid allows maximum flexibility in a variety of lies and minimal turf interaction on uneven surfaces.
Low and Deep Center of Gravity  
The deeper head and flat crown inspire greater confidence at address and bring the center of gravity further and lower back for a higher launch angle, making it easier to get the ball airborne quicker.
Dual rail sole promotes cleaner turf interaction and moves the CG lower and deeper in the head providing cleaner contact and stronger ball flight.
Club Loft Length Shaft
3 Wood 15 42" UST Mamiya Proforce VTS
5 Wood 18 41" UST Mamiya Proforce VTS
FYbrid 19.5 40" UST Mamiya Proforce VTS