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Kalea Premier 11 piece set 2022

  • $ 1,698.95


The new and improved Kalea set delivers a lightweight design to produce more speed, higher trajectory, and more distance - custom-engineered for female golfers.


 Please note clubs in this video are from 2015- 2022 clubs are navy blue.


Introducing Kalea Premier, TaylorMade’s newest women’s set specifically engineered for lightweight speed, easy launch and max forgiveness - combining advanced technology with the ability to build a set that matches your game. Every club is backed by Tour-proven technology and fully fashioned to deliver more clutch putts, more precise long irons and more big drives off the tee.

You are made for more. Now your golf equipment is, too. 


New Ultralite shafts and lighter swing weight provide more ball speed, resulting in more carry with maximum distance.

FB 1 Kalea MWD PKG


Speed, forgiveness, and allure in a single driver. Kalea Premier is engineered for advanced forgiveness, combining a low and back CG with an ultra-lightweight head construction that promotes faster swing speeds. Repositioning the Inertia Generator towards the heel encourages optimal launch and spin to fuel distance at moderate and slower swing speeds.

PURPOSE IN EVERY CLUB - Kalea was specifically engineered to optimize distance gaps from driver through wedge, ensuring that you have the proper club for every shot.



Fairway woods play a critical role for many women golfers. Kalea Premier offers easy-to-launch designs with added versatility and a 37% larger face than its predecessor. Designed to optimize forgiveness, each loft is the same size and features V Steel™ technology with refined weight distribution for forgiveness, versatility and silky turf interaction.


Kalea PKG Rescue Revised


A versatile sole design helps the Kalea Premier Rescue™ produce high launching shots off the tee, in the fairway or from the rough. The head features a unique design with a larger face but with very low CG to promote forgiveness while maintaining a high, easy launch. The lightweight construction promotes faster swing speeds and gives golfers the confidence to stare down any shot.


PURPOSE IN EVERY CLUB - Kalea was specifically engineered to optimize distance gaps from driver through wedge, ensuring that you have the proper club for every shot.

FB 4 Kalea IRN PKG


Kalea Premier irons are powered by Cap Back™ Design, which provides stability within the topline and upper perimeter of the face, working in conjunction with the Speed Pocket™ to optimize face flexibility, ball speed and distance. The Cap Back Design also helps minimize unwanted vibrations in the head to deliver a soft and solid feel. Head shaping has been designed uniquely for Kalea Premier to create SGI forgiveness in a sleeker and more elegant overall profile.

FB 5 Kalea PTR PKG


This modern mallet brings the renowned Spider stability and forgiveness to head shape that is 15% more compact compared to Spider Tour. Pure Roll™ technology encourages optimal forward roll, as well as better sound and feel, while a long single sightline delivers a simple but powerful alignment tool. The putter also features a specially designed 70g graphite shaft, which reduces overall club weight without impacting MOI and stability.


ENGINEERED FOR YOU - The technologies in Kalea are built for every element of your game — from driver to golf ball.

FB 6 Kalea BAG PKG


Kalea Premier has its own lightweight cart bag that embodies function and style. It features a premium heathered nylon material with 7 pockets, a 14-way top and structured base, delivering a combination of functionality and clean aesthetics.



CLUB Driver 5 Fairway 5 Rescue 6 Rescue 7 8 9 PW SW Putter
LOFT 12.5° 20° 27° 31° 32° 36° 40° 45° 55°
LENGTH 44.25" 41" 38.25" 37.75" 36.25" 35.75" 35.25" 34.75" 34.25" 33"
SWING WEIGHT C4 C3 C2 C2 C1 C1 C1 C1 C4  



Kalea Premier 40 (lite)

Kalea Premier 40 (lite)

Flex Weight Torque Tip Size Launch Spin
L 47g 5.9 .335 High High



Lamkin Kalea Premier

Lamkin Kalea Premier

Model Color Size Weight Round/Reminder Butt Size Feel Logo
Lamkin Ladies Sonar Grey/White Ladies 38g Round .580 Soft TaylorMade

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