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Cobra KING F8 Adjustable Driver

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New for 2018 is the Cobra King F8 Driver. Cobra's first CNC milled driver face paired with its 360° Aero Technology provides the smartest, fastest and most precise driver ever. Innovative face technology delivers the highest level of performance with precision milling. With an optimized sweet zone incorporating Cobra's patented E9 Technology, an elliptical shaped pattern offers more hot spots further away from the centre of the face than with the average circular sweet spot.

CNC machining allows Cobra to manufacture a more precise thickness resulting in a club face that is 3% thinner and 10% lighter than traditional drivers, this results in advanced ball speed and distance. With traditional drivers using a constant roll radius - Cobra's "Dual Roll Technology" is designed with curvatures on the top vs the bottom of the face offering optimized launch and spin for shots hit high or low on the club face.

On the Cobra F8 Driver there are 2 adjustable CG (Centre of Gravity) positions: one in the back and one in the heel, this results in two very different ball flights (see illustration) which will help you tune your own distance / trajectory.


The F8 Driver comes with 8 easily adjustable loft settings - This helps manage trajectory and launch conditions to maximize distance. Whilst "SmartPad" keeps the club face square. An ultra-light carbon fibre crown moves the CG (Centre of Gravity) lower and deeper producing higher trajectories and more forgiveness, this will help golfers who struggle with height off the tee.

Innovative Polymer Aero trips positioned around the perimeter of the club head improve drag reduction face-on through the downswing to generate increased club head speed. The more streamlined shape is important to reduce drag in areas of the swing where speed is lost. The Aero trips are strategically positioned relative to the orientation of the airflow, speed, and drag through the swing to increase club head speed for maximum distance.

The crown of the F8 Driver is made of ultra-lightweight carbon fibre, which in turn moves the CG lower and deeper - this produces a higher trajectory and increased forgiveness. The titanium body saves even more weight, while the forged E9 variable thickness face provides faster ball speeds across a larger sweet zone.

The Cobra F8 Driver comes with "Cobra Connect"  that allows users to track their performance and improve their game. Powered by the Arccos 360 mobile app - detailed stats and analysis of your distance and accuracy helps golfers of all skill levels make smarter, data driven decisions. The new Driver Tuning feature on the Arccos Driver app leverages advanced data to recommend optimal loft and weight settings. There has never been a better time to dial in your game!



Model Loft/Trajectory Settings Length with
Length with
Standard Grip



KING F8 Driver 9° / 9.5° / 9.5° Draw / 10.5° / 10.5° Draw /
11.5°  / 11.5° Draw / 12°*
45.75" 45.50" D2 460cc S, R, Lite


Aldila Blue 60

Model Flex Shaft Weight Kick Point Torque Trajectory Spin Tip Diameter
Aldila NV 2KXV Blue 60 Stiff 61g Mid 4.6 Mid Mid 0.335
Aldila NV 2KXV Blue 60 Regular 60g Mid 5.0 Mid Mid 0.335

Aldila Green 60

Model Flex Shaft Weight Kick Point Torque Trajectory Spin Tip Diameter
Aldila NV 2KXV Green 60 Stiff 65g Mid-High 4.5 Mid-Low Mid-Low 0.335

MRC Tensei CK Blue 50

Model Flex Shaft Weight Kick Point Torque Trajectory Spin Tip Diameter

MRC Tensei CK Blue 50

Regular 57g Mid 5.5 Mid Mid-Low 0.335
MRC Tensei CK Blue 50 Lite / Senior 54g Mid 5.6 Mid Mid-Low 0.335


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