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Wilson Triton Adjustable Driver- Winner of the Driver vs Driver

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The Wilson Triton Driver is the winning design from the hit show 'Driver vs. Driver' on the golf channel. This driver is the first driver on the market with a removable sole piece. There are 2 different sole plates (carbon fiber or titanium) that allow you to choose a low piercing ball flight or higher launch. There are also 3 movable weights that hold the plate to the driver that can be moved for draw or fade biases. 

The Wilson Triton Driver is for players of all skill levels looking for a totally customizable ball flights in a driver with never-before seen technology.

1:1 Visible Swing Active Technology

  • The revolutionary crown feature makes set-up consistent, easy and intuitive. The 1:1 alignment aid, visible both pre-shot and at impact, improves ball striking for improved accuracy, distance and consistency

    Changeable Sole Weights Innovative, interchangeable sole plates, one titanium and one carbon fiber, are included for significant launch and spin changes. The 22 gram titanium sole plate is optimized for the majority of players who need mid to high launch and low spin while the 9 gram carbon fiber sole plate is geared for players who need lower launch and lower spin, for the world’s most adjustable multi-piece driver

    5 Movable Weights Five moveable weights – two 2 gram, two 6 gram and one 12 gram – can be placed in 18 unique combinations to fine tune and perfect ball flight. By varying the weight placement in the three sole ports, shot trajectory can be adjusted higher or lower or to help with draws and fades for true customization to complement each player’s swing

    Adjustable Hosel Green Means Go! One of the smallest, lightest and easiest to use adjustable hosel systems available, Fast Fit technology makes getting the perfect set-up fast and easy. Just a few turns of the wrench, the head does not need to be detached from the shaft, allows access to all six hosel settings. Those settings include three for loft – 1o strong, standard, 1o weak – and those same three in a Draw configuration for enhanced right-to-left shot shaping

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