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Wilson Staff C300 Fairway Woods (2018)

  • $ 228.95

Introducing the only new fairway metals with Power holes. This technology is designed to generate explosive distance across the entire face by flexing more at impact. More flex equals greater ball speed. More ball speed means more distance. POWER UP YOUR LONG GAME.



  • Power Holes in the crown and sole near the face increase ball speed
  • Adjustable sole weights for custom ball flight
  • Adjustable hosel to fine-tune launch
  • Bold new matte red finish
  • New larger, softer grip with even more grip

Power Hole Technology

Power Holes are used for the first time in Wilson's fairway woods, increasing face deflection by 8.8%. Just like the design that revolutionized irons, urethane-filled holes are placed around the face to minimize contact between the body and face to maximize flex and expand the sweet spot out toward the heel and toe. More flex equals more speed. More speed equals more distance.

Adjustable Sole Weights

Three weight ports allow you to move weight around to match your preference: high MOI with low spin, draw bias, or fade bias.

Adjustable Hosel

The adjustable hosel allows for a 3° range in each model so you can fine tune your launch performance to hit it off the deck or off the tee exactly how you want.

New Matte Red Finish

Leave the competition seeing red in a new matte finish that reduces glare, looks great down by the ball, and stands out with a unique design on the golf course.

New, Improved Grip

New Lamkin Crossline 2 grip is larger and softer with more grip to give you greater control and deliver the club to the ball consistently.

Wilson Staff C300 Fairway Woods





3 Wood 15° 43" 57° D2.5
5 Wood 18° 42.5"                     57°                         D2.5

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