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Kick-X MA Nine Irons Steel Shaft

  • $ 499.95
  • Save $ 100

The MA-9 Irons are made from a proprietary heat-treated construction, matching the soft feel of forged steel, while maximizing distance off the face. The MA-9 Irons have an enlarged sweetspot, providing total shot control and complete forgiveness on miss hit shots.

Engineered by top club designer, Mark Adams, the MA-9 irons are available in True-Temper DynaLite 110 Steel options, precisely tuned for optimal weighting, stability, and balance.

An optimal center of gravity offers an elevated level of playability, while the optical thin top line promotes max confidence at address.

Forged Feel

Increased sensitivity with soft feel

Extremely Forgiving

More narrow shot dispersion due to enlarged sweet-spot

Balanced Weight & Stability

Evenly distributed weight from heel to toe improves feel

Optimal Bounce

Improved playability and greater shot trajectory

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