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Adams Speedline F11 Fairway Woods Graphite Shaft

Adams Speedline F11 Fairway Woods Graphite Shaft

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Velocity Slot Technology improves both fairway wood center-hit distance and forgiveness across the face. This patent-pending technology allows COR (Coefficient Of Restitution) advances on fairway woods similar to those that have become the performance standard on drivers.

Key Technologies: Dual Velocity Slots cut into the crown and sole (just behind the face), produce faster ball speeds and a "spring-like effect" across the face, similar to that of a driver. The two aerodynamic slots are designed to increase launch angle and to enhance forgiveness (12 percent higher MOI). 

PLAYABILITY: Tendency is to fly higher than most fairway woods; high launch leads to butterfly-soft landings; 3-wood is very easy to sweep off the deck.

ACCURACY/FORGIVENESS: Off-center hits sacrifice little in terms of distance or direction.

DISTANCE: F11 delivers the goods - quality strikes generate as much as 10 more yards for several testers.

FEEL: Good propulsion off the clubface; the wide face feels like one big sweet spot.

LOOK: The "crown slot" functions as a helpful aiming device, which makes it easy to set the face down in a square position.




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