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Cobra KING MB (Muscle Back) Irons Steel (2023)

  • $ 1,198.95

The CB/MB Irons are available in multiple set configurations depending on your gapping and aesthetic preferences. This set is the FULL Muscle Back set with a Steel Shaft. These are Left Hand custom built by Cobra so all manufacturer warranties are in place. 

As this is a custom set the Images and description are edited down  from the MB/CB Flow set. 

Who are Muscle Back Irons for.

Muscle back irons are a halfway point between true blades and cavity back irons. Muscle back irons offer better forgiveness compared to blades but are less chunky than cavity back irons. Muscle Back irons tend to make an excellent choice for golfers who are good ball strikers, but want some extra forgives over a true bladed iron.

Phenomenal feel & feedback

Players Cavity and Muscleback Combo-Set

Superior Shot-Making & Control