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Medicus OverSpin MM1 Putter

Medicus OverSpin MM1 Putter

  • $ 89.95
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The OverSpin features a cut-face design to help produce immediate OverSpin, or topspin, at the moment of impact on the ball. This early implementation of OverSpin on the ball eliminates skidding and hopping, and reduces the influence of shaggy greens, fringe and break produced by grain. You'll make more putts, and shoot lower scores with the Medicus OverSpin Putter!

The Medicus OverSpin Putter's soft feel and superior balance result in consistent accuracy and distance control. The special face design is the secret to the OverSpin's amazing True Roll performance but the benefits don't stop there. The special Cut Angle also allows the OverSpin to be used on the first cut of green while delivering unmatched accuracy and excellent "Cut Through" performance eliminating the need for specialty clubs around the green such as separate approachmedicus overspin putter putters or putting wedges.


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