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Tour Edge Bazooka 370 17 piece Complete Senior Set

  • $ 599.99

The Tour Edge Bazooka 370 golf club set is ideal for the beginner or casual golfer looking for speed, distance, and forgiveness in a complete set so they head to the golf course and start their game.

New shapes and weight positioning leads to more forgiveness in the new Bazooka 370 complete set.  The set also features ultra-thin faces that provide more speed!

The new designs have made this best-selling complete set easier to hit and to improve ease of launch from any lie on the course, adding distance in the process. 

Senior Set Includes: 

  • 11.5° Driver (Graphite A-Flex)
  • #3 & #5 Fairway Woods (Graphite A-Flex)
  • #4 Hybrid (Graphite A-Flex)
  • #5-SW Irons (Graphite A-Flex)
  • Heel/Toe Putter
  • Deluxe Cart Bag

17 pieces include clubs and all accessories

    sole view of tour edge bazooka 370 driver

    Bazooka 370 Driver

    Additional weight placed in the heel and toe areas of the sole gives this 460cc titanium matrix driver an optimized Center of Gravity. This new perimeter weighting and the driver’s new ultra-thin face improves forgiveness dramatically on off-center hits and provides a faster and higher launch off the face.

    sole view of tour edge bazooka 370 fairway wood

    Bazooka 370 Fairway Wood

    The oversized, low-profile stainless steel 15- and 19-degree fairway woods come in new shapes that feature a lower CG so they are easy to hit and get the ball quickly into the air from any lie on the course.

    sole view of tour edge bazooka 370 hybrid

    Bazooka 370 Hybrid

    Designed to eliminate the hard-to-hit long iron, the 370’s forgiving No. 4 24-degree hybrid features an easy-to-hit stainless steel head with a low-profile design and a deeper CG.

    sole view of tour edge bazooka 370 iron

    Bazooka 370 Irons

    The new larger design for the Bazooka 370 distance-based irons are more heel and toe weighted and provide a lower Center of Gravity for amplified ball flights. The stainless steel, cavity back irons a large undercut cavity to produce a larger sweet spot and increased accuracy.

    sole view of tour edge bazooka 370 putter

    Bazooka 370 Putter

    The 370 anser-style putter features an easy-to-use alignment aid for accurate set up and a smooth stroke that keeps putts on line.


    Cart Bag

    Deluxe cart bag (included with senior set) with 7 storage pockets including 2 large garment pockets.


    Model Loft (*) Lie (*) Graphite Length (") Steel Length (")
    Driver 11.5 60 44.5 -
    #3 Fairway Wood 15 58 43.5 -
    #5 Fairway Wood 19 59 42.5 -
    #4 Hybrid 24 60.5 38.75 -
    #5 Iron 27 61 37.75 -
    #6 Iron 30 61.5 37.25 -
    #7 Iron 34 62.5 36.75 -
    #8 Iron 38 63.5 36.25 -
    #9 Iron 42 64 35.75 -
    PW 46 65 35.25 -
    SW 55 65 35.25 -
    Putter 4 71 - 35


    Shaft Flex Weight (g) Launch Torque
    Graphite Woods A 75 HIGH 5.0
    Graphite Hybrid A 75 HIGH 4.8
    Ultralite Steel Irons A 75 HIGH 3.8