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Cadet Lefties Only Golf Shop Cabretta Golf Glove - Right Hand for the Lefty

  • $ 15.95

Lefties Only Golf Shop teamed up with a manufacturer to bring back the imposible to find Men's Cadet Sized Gloves for our Lefites. 

Our Gloves:

Prominantly displays the Lefties Only Golf Shop Logo on the closure

Performance Cabretta 100% Leather Provides Superior Fit and Comfort

100% Super Soft Leather Glove

Perforations on Palm, Fingers & Thumb - Moisture Reduction & Increased Breathability

Who Needs a Cadet Glove?

Is the palm of your regular glove too tight?

Are some of the fingers on your glove just a touch too long?

Are you tired of making due with a glove that just doesn't fit like a glove? 

What is a Cadet Glove?

Regular gloves are designed for golfers who have proportional hands, while cadet golf gloves are designed in men's sizes for golfers who have relatively short fingers coupled with wide palms. When placed side-by-side with a regular golf glove, the cadet glove is wider and shorter.

You asked and we delivered... Based on your request we teamed up with a glove manufacturer to bring you a Lefties Only Glolf Shop Cadet Glove in M, ML & L